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Working at Heights

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Falls from heights are a major workplace hazard resulting in fatalities and injuries across Australia. As a small business, we like to ensure our staff have the right knowledge and training to complete high risk work, which includes working at heights.

It is not often that the team at RMC plumbing Services work above this height, but our team is prepared and trained for these circumstances.

At RMC Plumbing Services, we make sure our team is safe at all times by:

  • Ensuring team is up to date with appropriate Safe Work Methods and Procedures

  • Conducting risk assessments prior to works taking place

  • Providing the correct protective equipment for working at heights. Including: Elevated Work Platforms, Scaffolding, Harnesses

  • Ensuring staff are trained in using Equipment and Machinery

Rory in an EWP.
Rory using an EWP to repair roof flumes on a 2 story home.

If you have a Plumbing job just that little bit out of reach, RMC Plumbing Services can help.

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