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Blocked Drains

When your drains block up or start gurgling you are probably going to need your plumber in pronto!

There are generally 5 main causes of blockages in drains :-

  1. Broken drains – cracked or damaged underground

  2. Tree roots in drains – including some large bushes

  3. Build up of fat or grease – mainly from kitchen sinks

  4. Foreign objects in drains – non flushable sanitary items and kids toys

  5. Full septic system or blocked inlet pipe work to septic system


If you are experiencing ongoing issues with blocked drains, we can help you!

  1. We have the latest drain cleaning machinery

  2. Years of experience using various methods of clearing blockages

  3. Experience in locating drains and/or septic systems

  4. We care and strive to find permanent solutions, rather than temporary fixes​


We can service Australind, Bunbury, Eaton and surrounding areas – anytime!

Scott holding up a root system that had grown in the pipework of a Glen Iris property.
Drain Camera inspecting a blocked drain in Leschenault

Rory, Scott & our friendly plumbing team are just a phone call away 0412 287 673

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