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Sewer Conversions

If your home is currently connected to a septic system and you have been provided with a sewer main connection to your property RMC Plumbing Services have the expertise and knowledge to convert your home from septic tanks to the main sewer connection.

RMC Plumbing Services offer a complete hassle free solution to your sewer conversion including:-

  • Locating and uncovering your existing septic tank/tanks

  • Using a registered contractor to empty the contents of your septic tank/tanks.

  • Break through base of septic tank/tanks.

  • Back fill and de-commission old septic system.

  • Upgrade existing drainage pipe work to current plumbing standards.

  • Install new drainage wastes and vents.

  • Complete “as constructed “ drawings of new drainage layout.

  • Pay fees to the Plumbers Licensing Board.

  • Pay fees to the Water Corporation for sewer connection fees.

  • Submit compliance certificate to the relevant authorities.

Sewer Conversion

RMC Plumbing Services can organise contractors to re-instate paving bricks, gardens, lawn and retaining walls.


NOTE: De-commissioning of septic tanks on sewer conversion are mandatory by your local shire council.

Rory, Scott & our friendly plumbing team are just a phone call away 0412 287 673

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