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Replacing Your Toilet

Things to think about before you decide to replace your existing toilet suite

There are basically 3 types of toilet suites on the market at the moment.

  1. The Link Toilet Suite – This toilet suite is the most common as it comprises of a toilet pan (usually s trap - enters the floor) a cistern that fixes to your wall and a flush pipe with a toilet seat and a bridge piece to cover flush pipe. These types of toilet suite are universal and very economical to buy and install.

  2. The Close Coupled Toilet Suite – This toilet suite comprises of a toilet pan (no flush pipe, usually s trap entering floor) and the ceramic cistern bolts directly onto toilet pan. The problems we face with close coupled toilet suite the soil pipe MUST be a certain distance from back wall for this type of toilet suite to be installed. There is no second guessing.

  3. The Back To Wall Toilet Suite – This toilet suite is generally a very popular due to the fact in can mostly be installed in any situation . The only difficulty installing these types of toilet suites is they are awkward to install and because of the toilet suite the back of fixture is designed to sit flush to the wall. Unless you have  a border tile around bottom of wall behind toilet this would mean it would not completely sit flush to the wall. The other problem we face is whether or not the new back to the wall toilet pan will cover the footprint left by the old toilet when removed.


You will also need to think about what features and specifications you want in your new toilet suite. Considering factors such as the size, style, flushing mechanism, water efficiency, and any additional features like soft-close seats.


That is why it is best to have RMC Plumbing Services provide a no obligation FREE quote to measure and advise what types of toilets can be installed to suit your situation.


RMC Plumbing Services are the experts in supplying and installing the right toilet suite before you buy the incorrect suite.

Rory, Scott & our friendly plumbing team are just a phone call away 0412 287 673

Link Toilet Suite
Close Coupled Toilet Suite
Back to wall toilet suite
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