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RMC Plumbing Services understand the costs involved when you plan or decide to renovate your bathroom, kitchen or laundry.

We know what is involved in planning and budgeting  and everything that  goes into a renovation.

Our team of experienced plumbers and gasfitters know the quality you expect for your dollars. We can install, alter or change any plumbing fixture in your bathroom, kitchen and laundry. Of course you have to co-ordinate other trades as well to complete the work but our part in your renovation is very important including disconnecting and removing existing old fixtures and water services and altering drains, pipes and water services and sometimes gas services to suit your new layout or plan.

RMC Plumbing Services are more than happy to offer FREE advice on what can be achieved and accomplished.


Here are some tips to consider when planning a renovation:-

  • Toilet Location – If you wish to move the position of your toilet you should consider cutting concrete floors to move the drain and to relocate the water supply.

  • Shower, Basins and Bath – You need to consider where the existing drains are and what would need to be altered to suit including water services.

  • Laundry Renovations – Most clients wish to remove the existing Laundry Trough and Cabinet and install a bench top and cabinetry through laundry. Consideration needs to be made where your washing machine will be positioned (under bench front loader or a recessed top loader). The main consideration is to remove the taps above trough and washing machine (above bench top) and alter plumbing to have hot and cold water concealed inside cabinet below inset trough bowl. The trough waste pipe needs to be moved possibly, all of this is relevant.


RMC Plumbing Services can provide complete plumbing work including supply and installation of fixtures & fittings, pipework and drain replacement


If you have any of the following renovation projects in mind:-

  • Bathroom renovations

  • Laundry renovations

  • Kitchen renovations

  • Shed conversions

  • Granny flat conversions

  • Fixtures moved and installed

  • Re-locating gas service

Don’t worry RMC Plumbing Services can offer a FREE quote and advice.

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Rory, Scott & our friendly plumbing team are just a phone call away 0412 287 673

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