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Hot Water System Replacement

RMC Plumbing Services are the premier plumbing company when it comes to replacing your hot water system.

Whether it is electric storage, electric instantaneous hot water system, gas storage hot water system, gas continuous flow hot water system, gas instantaneous hot water system or a heat pump unit.

How do you know when your hot water system needs replacing?

  • If it is leaking from the unit or at the base of the unit

  • If you have no hot water throughout the house

  • If you can't relight the unit or get it to fire up

  • If you have a lack of hot water or temperature throughout the house

  • If your hot water system is making a popping or banging noise when heating

These are just a few things that could be obvious when assessing your existing hot water unit.

Hot Water heater replacement

Generally, the expected lifespan of a regular hot water system is about 10 years depending on if it has been regularly serviced.

RMC Plumbing Services supply and install all brands of hot water systems. We only install quality hot water system’s and guarantee our workmanship on all installations. Ensuring your hot water system is compliant with plumbing standards which includes the installation of tempering valves servicing bathrooms as required.

All relevant compliance notices are lodged with the relevant authorities to give you peace of mind that the work is up to standard and completed in a tradesman like manner.

RMC Plumbing Services also offer a temporary hot water system service to ensure you can have hot water the same day.

Rory, Scott & our friendly plumbing team are just a phone call away 0412 287 673

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