New Hot water System Installation


Bathroom Renovation. New Basin Installation.


Servicing Laundry Taps


Bathroom Renovation, New shower Install and Fittings.


Using the EWP to gain access to a 2 story house. To repair roof flumes


Repairing roof flumes


New Toilet Install

In line water filter and water softener

A successful installation of eliminating scale and chlorine from the water of a residential home. The system includes a in line water filter system and a water softener.

In line water filter

In line water filter system

water softener pipe work

Demonstrating the type of pipework required for installation of a Water Softener. Each home would have different requirements. This one was installed in a garage.

Water Softener drainage pipe

The water softener is connected to the nearest drainage outlet.

Rheem Continuous Flow HWS 2

The Rheem continuous HWU has a six star rating for energy saving and very affordable.

Pipework on the HWU installation

Installation of a 135ltr Gas Storage HWU

Floor Waste Drainage

Baxter is helping Rory with the plumbing

Water Harvesting System

The filter removes chlorine, calcium, iron and impurities from the water.

Water Harvesting System

Additional taps

Water Harvesting System

Water Pump & Filters

Hot Water Storage Unit

Installation of a 135ltr Gas Storage HWU

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