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Toilet Replacement

Toilet suite replacement in Glen Iris, Bunbury

Drain Trailer

Drain machine trailer ready to clear blocked drains all over the Australind, Bunbury and Eaton regions.

Puretec water filters

Puretec twin water filtration system.

Outdoor tap replacement

Outdoor tap replaced in Australind.

Vortex pro Water filters

Whole House, Hard Water Water Filtration system installed in Dalyellup.

Drain Camera

Drain Camera in action, investigating blocked drains in Leschenault.

Stormwater connections

Rainwater downpipe connection to stormwater in Australind.

HWU Replacement

Storage hot water system replacement with Instantaneous, continuous flow hot water unit in Eaton.

Vortex-Pro water filter

Complete Whole House, Water Filtration system installed in Australind.

Water tank and building connections

Rory and Troy connected a Pique Mod building with rainwater tank, stormwater and septic connections.

G7 Hybrid Filter

Puretec G7 Hybrid water filter for rainwater.

Sump drain for stormwater

Sump installed for downpipe to drain into the stormwater in Withers.

Vortex-Pro water filtration system

Vortex-Pro Hard water filtration system installed in Australind.

Channel grate

Channel grate for stormwater drainage leading to soakwells installed in Withers

Blocked Drain

Roots wreaked havoc throughout the drains. Replaced a large section of pipework that was effected

Fridge Connection

Tapped off the existing water supply to the kitchen and connected it up to the fridge.

Burst Pipes

Water line in the kitchen of an Australind property burst in the wall. Rather than causing further damage inside, we re-ran the pipework externally. Also installed an outdoor tap on the same line.


Installation of a dishwasher in the kitchen

Water Filtration

Whole house water filter installed along with a whole house water softener

Outdoor Taps

Leaking outdoor tap replaced with a 1/4 turn outdoor tap

Downpipe stormwater connections

Stormwater connection from down pipe to stormwater drainage in Withers.

Burst Pipes

Leaking pipe on the clients side of the mains water meter. Pin hole leak found on the bend of the pipe.

Shower Renovations

Shower taps leaking in the wall needed to be replaced. Decided to swap to a shower mixer tap

Tapware & Vanity Basins

Vanity basin replacement with matte black tapware

Water Filters

Whole house water filter sediment filter replacement after 12 months in an Australind property

Water Filters

Whole house water filter carbon filter replacement after 12 months in an Australind property

Hot Water & Water Filtration

Hot water system replacement and whole house water filtration and water softening

Mains Water Connections

Water main line replacement after a major water leak

Gas bayonet installation

Gas bayonet installation along with vents for compliance.

Soak well channel grate

Soak well channel grate for soakwell installed in Australind

Vulcan Storage Hot Water System

135L storage hot water system replacement

Water Filtration & Softening

Whole house Puretec water filter and water softener installation

Blocked Drain

Drain in Bunbury riddled with roots. Drain cleaning machine required to remove roots and clean blocked drain.


Cut in valve kit installed off the tap

Leaking Water Mains

Leaking part on the clients side of the water meter. Replaced section so water could be turned back on

Burst Pipe

Hole from burst pipe on mains water line into the house


Laundry trough tap servicing

Outdoor Taps

Old outdoor tap was leaking and needed replacement

Tapware & Basins

Bathroom vanity basin and tap replacement

Septics & Leach Drains

Drains in Binningup riddled with roots and needed to be cleaned out and cleared

Hot Water Unit Maintenance

Storage hot water unit anode replacement. New Vs Used This used anode was from a 5 yr old hot water unit in Australind

Laundry Taps

Laundry washing machine tap replacement

Laundry Renovation

Laundry renovations, including a new laundry sink/trough

Whole House Water Filtration & Water Softening

Whole house water softener and whole house water filter system to combat the hard water in Australind

Assistive Bathroom Technology

Installed a raised bath and stand alone tap for easier access

Renovations & Shed Conversions

Part way through shed conversion/renovations to a granny flat

Kitchen Sink Mixer Tap

Existing mixer tap was leaking and needed a replacement

Basin Tap Set

Tap was snapped off completely and could not be repaired so a replacement tap set was installed


Repairs to drainage pipe as it was broken and riddled with tree roots

Hot Water System

Existing Bosch instantaneous hot water unit was no longer working and needed replacing

Hot Water Units

Rheem gas continuous flow hot water system replacing a leaking storage hot water unit

Debbie the Digga

Day one for the new excavator and day one for the new apprentice

Property Subdivisions

New main sewer line set up for subdivision of a property

Debbie the Digga

Quick prestart before heading out with the excavator for the day

Water Filter & Water Softener

Puretec whole house water softener and water filter

Water filter

Z7 Water filter system for rainwater filtration

Hot Water Units

Rheem gas continuous flow hot water unit installation

Gas Heating

New gas bayonet installation, inside and outside, including vents for compliance


Blocked kitchen sink desperately needed cleaning out. Lots of fat, grease and food scraps came out.

Toilet Replacement

Supply and installation of a new toilet suite and cistern

Outdoor Taps

Leaking tap outside needed replacement

Purtec Water Filter & Softener

Clean drinking water, clean shower screens and spotless glassware at your fingertips

Storage Hot Water System

Scott is installing a Vulcan 135L storage hot water system

Toilet Replacement

New back to wall toilet installation that a client supplied

Sewer Conversion

Removing old septic system and connecting the property to mains sewage

Blocked drains

The drains at this property were blocked up with roots so much, they formed the shape of the pipe

Leach Drain & Septic

Installing a new leach drain and septic system

Hot water system

Installing a new continuous flow hot water system

Water Filter & Water Softener

A successful installation of eliminating scale and chlorine from the water of a residential home. The system includes an in-line water filter system and a water softener.

Leach Drains

Installing a leach drain on the farm for stormwater drainage

Floor Waste Drainage

Baxter is helping Rory with the plumbing

Working at Heights

A two story house with a water leak in an awkward spot required an elevated work platform (EWP) for the team to access and repair

Rheem Continuous Flow HWS 2

The Rheem continuous HWU has a six star rating for energy saving and very affordable.

Pipework on the HWU installation

Installation of a 135ltr Gas Storage HWU

Bathroom Renovation

New shower Installation and fittings

Water Harvesting

Water Pump & Filters for water harvesting and rainwater collection

Vulcan 135L Storage Hot Water Unit

Existing storage hot water unit was leaking and needed a replacement

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