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Protect your home with Puretec water softener

Improve Water Quality in Your Home!

Many of the properties we attend throughout Australind, Bunbury, Treendale, Eaton and Dalyellup have the same question...

What can I do about the water quality?

Water softener & Water Filtration installation

Our response?

That's easy! A Puretec Whole House Water Filter and Water softener will do the trick!


We can provide a FREE water hardness test to assess the hardness of the water you are drinking and washing in.

Then we can provide a FREE quote based on the water quality and your requirements.

How does the whole house water filter and softener work together?

These systems are set up so that the mains water enters the systems before going into your home.

1. The water first passes through the water filter system, which removes the bacteria and chemicals from the water (eg. chlorine, other chemicals).

2. The water then passes through the water softening system, which removes the hardness from the water (eg. calcium, scale, lime).

3. It then enters your home, protecting your appliances and providing clean drinking water throughout.

Combined, we believe these units are as good as you can get for clean water throughout the home. 

What are the benefits of treating your water using a water softener?

Taste: The taste is noticeably improved ten fold! You’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing your water is always pure and refreshing.

Cleaner Plumbing: All plumbing which has the water treated will be given a new lease of life. Your Hot Water Unit will now have quality water flowing through it which increases it's life span (no corrosion).

Cleaner Bathrooms: Shower screens no longer have calcium/soap scum staining the glass.

Laundry Benefits: Your washing is noticeably better, clothes are much softer and look whiter & brighter and use up to 50% less detergent. Appliances will last longer!

Bathing: When you shower the soap actually lathers up like it never has before and you will experience softer skin.

Dishwashing: Your dishwasher will leave your dishes more sparkling than ever before with no scale, smears or spots.

Taps: Your taps will not wear out and leak as they have before.

Car Washing: You’ll enjoy washing your car again with a spot free finish.

Money Saving: The benefits for installing a water softener is that once treated water is flowing through your pipe work you will be saving money in maintenance costs and costs associated with replacing major appliances because of poor water quality.

Who can install these systems?

We can! Our team are very experienced and equipped to install your whole house water filter system and whole house water softening system.

Our free quotes are allow for supply and install of the water filter and water softener.

Already have your own water filter system or water softening system that you just need installed?

No worries! We can install any water marked water filter or softener that you have purchased yourself.

We at RMC Plumbing Services care and
want to help with improving your water quality!
Enquire NOW about WATER FILTRATION for your home!
Call NOW! on 0412 287 673 for a free quote, hard water testing and recommendation on what system would suit your home.

Alternatively, fill out the form below to send an enquiry direct to our friendly office team.
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