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No hot water, hot water system replacement
Have you got an emergency and have no hot water? 
Call us NOW to get your hot water up and running again fast!

When your Hot Water System stops working, it can seem like the end of the world...

No hot showers for you OR for the family!

How do you know if your hot water system needs repairing or replacing?


Generally the expected lifespan of a regular hot water system is about 10 years; depending if it has been regularly serviced.

When assessing your hot water system check:

  • If it is leaking from the unit or at the base of the unit

  • If you have no hot water throughout the house

  • If you can't relight the unit or get it to fire up

  • If you have a lack of hot water or temperature throughout the house

  • If your hot water system is making a popping or banging noise when heating

If any of these are a concern, give Rory, Scott and our friendly office team a call straight away!

Our small team of Plumbers and Gas Fitters are ready to get your hot water back on quickly.

If a replacement can't be done on the day, we have a temporary electric hot water system available for short term use.

This means, we can keep the hot water running in your home, while you plan the best replacement system for you and your family.

Looking to upgrade your hot water system?


With so many different brands and models on the market, it is essential you choose the most energy efficient and cost effective unit for you and your family.


Our small team of plumbers and gas fitters can install all leading brands of hot water systems including:

  • Gas Continuous Flow Hot Water Systems

  • Gas Instantaneous Hot Water Systems

  • Gas Storage Hot Water Systems

  • Electric Storage Hot Water Systems

  • Electric Instantaneous Hot Water Systems

  • Heat Pump Hot Water Systems

Our team have the knowledge and experience to help you decide which is the best hot water solution, based on your home, family size and lifestyle.

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Already purchased a new hot water system and just needing someone to install?  No Worries! We'll organise a plumber to install the new hot water system for you.

We can provide free quote to residents in the Bunbury, Australind, Eaton, Dalyellup and surrounding areas.

Phone us on 0412 287 673
or Send your details on the form below

Terms & Conditions

Service times may vary for residential dwellings further than 10kms from Bunbury CBD.

Excludes Solar HWU's or Solar Boosted HWU's.

Deposits required prior to installation with balance due on completion.

Zip Money Finance and Handypay Finance now available! To Apply click here

Hot water heater finance options
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