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RMC Plumbing Services has undertaken a thorough search on google to investigate what are the causes for drinking water that tastes terrible and sometimes has an odour. The results are astonishing, we at RMC Plumbing Services have previously posted information on water quality and how we can improve your drinking, cooking and washing water quality.

Firstly we should look at what is in the water!

To start the most obvious additive to our water we receive through your water meter is CHLORINE. This is added to the the water to assist in disinfection and is designed to kill bacteria which can be introduced into the water supply at the source. Unfortunately the chlorine can have an awful taste and odour which is not pleasant.

Through our experience we at RMC PLUMBING SERVICES have found that the best water treatment for water which is supplied through your water meter is a primary dual filter cartridge system followed by a water softener unit. Working together these devices remove all of the contaminants that effect your water quality. As we have stated previously there are health benefits and the knowledge that you are consuming the best water you can get.

SCALE. This is also known as hardness and generally consists of Calcium and Magnesium ions with other contaminants like iron and minerals.

IRON. This is the part of the water that leaves a rusty brown stain on most surfaces

So what is an effective way to remove these contaminants, the simplest way to remove iron from your water is a dual cartridge filter system which consists of a 5 micron sediment filter cartridge which collects most of the iron ions in the water then the water passes through a 10 micron carbon filter cartridge which cleans the rest of the iron out of the water as well as removes chlorine mostly and other particles that are present in your water supply. If you suffer from a skin disorder i.e. eczema, skin rashes, psoriasis or unexplained acne/sores you might want to look into the water quality you wash in and how it affects our skin, then you will see the benefits of cleaning your water supply to improve those unexplained disorders.


  1. Better tasting water

  2. Noticeable difference when showering or bathing

  3. Improvement on clothes washing

  4. Improvement in the taste of food cooked in clean water

  5. Longer life on your main appliances, washing machine, dish washer, coffee machines, Hot Water Systems, toilet cisterns, taps, kettles and appliances that use water.

  6. Shower screens will no longer be stained with lime, calcium and soap scum.


  1. Having to change your filter cartridges every 6 to 12 months (depending on volume of water that is used)

  2. Having to top up the salt reservoir in water softener (depending on volume of water that is used)

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