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6 WAYS You can save MONEY with your water!

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

It has become obvious that the water quality in the South West of WA is very bad. Especially the taste, odour and hardness of our water supply.

Q. What is hard water you ask?

A. Hard water is the term given to water that contains high amounts of Calcium, Magnesium and other mineral Ions in our water supply.

Effects of hard water on your pipes

Q. What problems does hard water cause?

A. Hard water is mainly noticed on shower screens and glassware, where it leaves a powdery coating on the surface when it dries. It also becomes corrosive when it is mixed with chlorine. The water quality attacks kettles, tap-ware, plumbing, hot water systems, washing machines and dish washers.

Q. What can you do to prevent the inevitable corrosion caused by the incoming scheme water supply?

A. The solution is simple purchase and install a Puretec WH2-60 Maxiplus water filter system and a Puretec SOL40-E3 automatic water softener.

Q. How does this save me money?

A. The water filter and water softener cleans the incoming water supply to a similar quality to rainwater.

RMC Plumbing services is a premium plumbing business dedicated to improving your water quality in the South West. We believe in providing our clients the best service, the best products and the best workmanship to ensure your installation is right for YOU!


Hard Water drys your hair
  1. SAVE MONEY on not having to purchase bottled water as it now filtered and softened to the whole house!

  2. SAVE MONEY no more corrosion to taps and fittings leaking, your chrome fittings maintaining that new shine and last much longer, less maintenance.

  3. SAVE MONEY no more corrosion to kettles, dishwashers and washing machines. Tea or Coffee will taste better, elements in kettles will not calcify saving costs on replacing kettles, dishwashers shall leave dishes and glassware sparkling clean and streak free, washing machines will leave your clothes soft and feeling better and will wear longer due to less abrasive hard water washing of clothes and free of chlorine damage (less fading)

  4. SAVE MONEY no more hard water corroding hot water units and the calcification of valves attached to hot water unit, sacrificial anodes lasting longer which relates to less maintenance on hot water units and frequency of replacing units.

  5. SAVE MONEY less skin irritations similar to eczema from dryness of the skin caused by hard water and chlorine, washing your hair will leave it shiny and soft. Less creams for rashes and hair products.

  6. SAVE MONEY on cleaning, you know how annoying the state of the shower screen gets stained with calcium and it is very hard to clean, well you do not need to go through that with filtered soft water, just imagine clean shower screens including tiles, bench tops and windows staying clean and no streaks!

Well, there is a small piece of information touching on saving you money by installing a filter cartridge system and a water softener.

To read more about the Puretec SOL E3 series systems, download brochure HERE

Installation quotes are free call us now on 0412287673 and ask how we can help YOU!


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