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Beat the heat with tap servicing!

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Dripping, water hammer, squealing noises and vibrations through your taps, generally means they need servicing or replacing.

How do I know when my taps need servicing?

  • If you notice your taps dripping, even though you have not just used them

  • If your taps are still dripping, even when you've turned them off as hard as they'll go

  • If your taps vibrate when turning them on

  • If the pipes in your house make a clunky noise when turning your taps off

  • If your taps make a squealing noise when in use

How do I fix a leaking tap?

If you have leaking taps, it is always best to get your local plumber out as soon as possible. Over time, leaking taps can cause damage to more than just the taps themselves and can cost you a lot of money!

These things can include:

  • Causing damage to walls behind the fixtures

  • Damages to cabinets and other fixtures

  • Cause stress on pipes throughout your house

Leaking taps that are left to go on, will worsen over time, can end up costing you more in repairs or replacements and your water service charges can increase dramatically!

If you find yourself with an extra large water bill and believe you may have a leak, RMC Plumbing Services can help locate the leak, repair or replace and will complete a leak allowance form for you to send to your water service provider.

If you would like any further information, contact RMC Plumbing Services today!

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