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Customer Service Excellence Award Winners!!

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

This Saturday 25th November, the Master Plumbers and Gas Fitters Association Awards, was held in Perth.

Scott and Mary attended, representing RMC Plumbing Services as finalists in the Customer Service Excellence, Kyla Ann Jones Memorial Award.

Being the first time we have ever submitted an entry for this kind of award, we were unsure how it would all work and if we even had a chance against some of the bigger city companies.

The night started off with Scott Cummings on stage, setting the mood with some classic plumbing humour.

Throughout the evening there were awards, entertainment, great company, amazing food and *most importantly* endless top up’s of champagne and beer.

Eventually it came our time to shine, as we were one of three finalists for the Customer Service Excellence, Kyla Ann Jones Memorial Award.

Up against two other plumbing businesses, we were third on the list of finalists read out.

And then it happened..

Scott Cummings read out our name!

"RMC Plumbing Services! The winner of the Customer Service Excellence, Kyla Ann Jones Memorial Award 2023!!"

Oh the excitement!

Presented by Galvin Engineering, Scott and Mary gracefully accepted the award, winging the speech like champions.

We cannot express how truely wonderful this opportunity has been, and can’t thank our team and clients enough for all their support, in helping us achieve such an amazing milestone within our business.

So thank you to everyone who has supported us throughout our time as a small business.

We appreciate it and will continue to do what we do!

Come Monday morning and our whole team is buzzing with excitement!

This is an amazing achievement for our small business and we are very proud to have been a part of such an amazing award, in memory of the beautiful Kyla Ann Jones.

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