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Don't end up in the $#!+ with a blocked drain...

Some of the things our team has pulled out of drains in the past, have been enough to leave them speechless.

Blocked drains can be caused by a whole multitude of things, with the most common of these being:

  • Fatty grease buildup throughout kitchen drains

  • Roots from trees or shrubs growing in the drains

  • Broken and insufficient sized drains

  • Spetics full

Other causes can also include:

  • Hair getting stuck in the basin and shower drains

  • Overload of toilet paper being flushed

  • “Flushable” wipes and sanitary items

  • Kids toys, rocks and kitchen utensils

But no joke, the list goes on…

Kitchen drains blocked from a build up of fats and grease in Australind. Scott holding up a massive root system that came out of the drain in Glen Iris. Drains cleared running nicely in Bunbury.

Now, we know that often blocked drains come about quite quickly and are an unforeseen emergency job.


In most cases, there are signs for you to keep an eye and ear out for, so you don’t get caught out at the worst possible time.


What do I need to look out for?

  • Sinks draining slowly

  • Toilet water rising very high and going down slow

  • Drains making gurgling or popping noise

  • Waste water coming up from the ground outside

  • Smelly drains or a sewerage smell in the house

  • If your Partner is nagging more and more about any of the above..

If any of this is happening to you, it's probably time to do something about it....


Rory and Scott, and the team are experienced and fully equipped with the right tools to clear your blockages.

  • Drain Machine: This fine fellow will chomp through the chunkiest of fatty build up and thickest of roots, getting those drains cleared in a jiffy!

  • Drain Camera: This little beauty is a time saver for sure! We are able to inspect drains and diagnose drainage issues prior to any major works.

  • Excavator: Debbie the Digga is our leading machine in getting those major drainage issues sorted! She sure makes it a lot quicker and easier to replace and install those new drains.


So what have we learnt here?

  1. If the drains don’t sound right, they probably aren’t..

  2. If the drains don’t look right, they probably aren’t..

  3. If your partner is nagging too much about your drains, call Rory and Scott now!

Don’t end up in the $#!+, because you let it go on too long…

Give Rory, Scott and the team at RMC Plumbing Services a call today to get those blockages sorted!

To find out more, call or email us today!

Phone: 0412 287 673

ABN: 86 705 090 269

PL: 6556

GF: 3461

Great news! We have payment plan options!

Zip Pay : Up to $1000

Zip Money : From $1000 up to $5,000

Handy Pay : From $2,001 up to $75,000

To find out more information and how you can apply click here.

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