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Mini Stops

Mini stops are tiny little taps are designed to isolate the water supply to the individual fixtures in your home. This may include the water supply to your toilets, basins and kitchen sink.

Unless you need to isolated the water from time to time, you probably forget they are even there.

Because they are often forgotten about, you don't know that are no longer working properly, until you end up with a pesky dripping tap or running toilet, that you just can't turn off.

Whilst these little things are easier to manage with a faulty mini stop, if a flexi hose bursts and the mini stop is not working, your whole house water supply will need to be isolated until a plumber can arrive.

Check if your mini stops are working from time to time, by turning them off and trying to use the water supply they are connected to. If the water still runs or trickles even just a little, it may be time to get your local plumber out to have a look at them.

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