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Rheem Gas Continuous Flow Hot Water Units

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Have you ever spent so long in the shower that you've found you needed to start turning the cold water off because the hot water is running out, just to get that little bit longer in the shower?

Maybe the kids had a shower and spent so long in there, that you have to wait for the water to heat up, or just miss out all together?

Our guess is, that you have and it's so frustrating to have to wait for the water to heat up again.

The Rheem Gas Continuous Flow hot water units are one of our most sought after hot water units to combat this issue.

With a number of options to suit your home the Rheem continuous flow hot water unit is a much loved update to the home.

If you think your hot water system might be on the brink of failing you, contact us today for a no obligation free quote!

Great news! We are now able to accept Zip as a form of payment for quoted jobs. To find out more information and how you can apply click here.

To book in a quote or to find out more, call or email us today!

Phone: 0412 287 673

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