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What do you do when you think you have a water leak?

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

If in the event of a large water leak or burst pipe on your property, to reduce any further leakage, or damage to your home the water meter should be turned. Generally, the water meter is located at the front left or right hand side of the property.

When at your water meter, turn the leaver around anti-clockwise, so it ceases water supply to the property. If you are unsure if the water is turned off at your property, turn one of the taps in the house on. if it drizzles then stops, your water is turned off. Make sure to turn the inside tap off again before walking away.



If you need to use the toilet while the water is off, you still can!

The toilet should have 1 flush left in it from the water that is stored in the tank.

The tank will refill once the water service has been restored to the property.


Always keep your water meter clear!

In the case of a burst pipe or flexi hose under your basins popping, you want to be able to turn your water off quick!

Make sure thick bushes and shrubs around the water meter are clipped regularly to ensure easy access in an emergency. There should not be any boxes or covers over your water meter unless approved by the Water Corporation. For further information regarding the strict conditions surrounding water meter covers, contact the Water Corporation here.

How can I tell if I have a leak?

We always suggest to try the following:

  • Ensure all taps and irrigation systems on the property are turned off, then write the water meter reading down and the time reading was taken.

  • Leave it for at least 1 hour(best to leave off for longer in order to find any slow leaks).

  • After at least an hour, go back to your water meter and read it for a second time note down the time and the water meter number.

  • Compare the original reading to the second reading when the water was not in use. If the numbers are different, you may have a leak around the home.

If you are unsure where you have a leak, you will need to contact your plumber to locate and repair.

It's only a slow leak, it'll be right?

Nope! Big leak or slow leak, they are still going to cost you money. The longer you leave a slow leak, the worse it can get get and the more damage it can cause to your home.

Here is a guy that did a little experiment to see how many buckets of water he could fill from his "leaky" tap. It quite eye opening to how much a small leak could be costing you. Just imagine how much those leaks you can't see could be costing you!

If you have any concerns about your water meter or think you have a leak, contact us today!

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