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Updated: Jun 30, 2022

As an experienced plumber I can say that after 44 years in the industry I have seen many changes and many new players in the plumbing game.

Well I originally started my apprenticeship in Perth in 1973 and back then I was 14 years old. My employer was W.W.Edmondson and Sons whom were well noted post WW2 and I was taught some very important principles in business and it was built on having a good working relationship with customers. So years ago I was taught 5 most important principles when conducting yourself in the community.

1. INTEGRITY - This refers to how you want to be perceived. honest, truthful and trustworthy

2. HONESTY - This refers to having a reliable personality where customers feel comfortable dealing with you.

3. RELIABILITY - This refers to doing what you said you were going to do.

4. ACCOUNTABILITY - This refers to guaranteeing your work and how it is completed

5. SUSTAINABILITY - This refers to being able to keep your customers satisfied.

So what do we at RMC Plumbing Services do that makes us stand out from other plumbers?

It is simple we listen to our clients and what they require repairing, installing, servicing or constructed whether it is repairing a leaking tap or renovating a bathroom or replacing a Hot Water Unit we want to help all of our clients.

To see our customers satisfied and happy with the quality we give in our work plus our competitive pricing gives everyone a win/win situation. Our clients must be happy with the work we do to enable our name in plumbing standards to be discussed in a positive manner where other people would want to use our services.

You do not see our business advertise on mainstream media as we feel that we do not want to be considered just another plumber/gasfitter, but the plumber you call when you want the job done correctly with no bulldust excuses or no technical jargon that makes you feel uncomfortable.

We endeavour to explain what we have done or what we are going to do to our customers so their money is spent in the most beneficial way. This is achieved by considering what has caused a problem and how is the best way to remedy the cause of the problem.

The whole point of our plumbing business is to be known for our Integrity, Honesty, Reliability, Accountability and our Sustainability.

We care about our clients and their diverse backgrounds with which we respect and do what we can to accommodate them with what they want to achieve and their budgets.

" Quality work at the right price" is our motto and we stick by it.

All that is left is to call RMC Plumbing Services on 0412287673 and experience the difference in customer service you won't be disappointed.

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