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Cistern Repairs and Replacements

This, is a cistern.

This toilet cistern, is just one of MANY cisterns we come across.

When toilets are leaking with water running into the bowl, or having issues with flushing, this guy, is what we look at first.

Repairs & Replacements

For the most part, we can repair or replace parts inside them, to get them working properly again. When we are unable to source specific parts or parts become too expensive, we may look at replacing the whole cistern altogether.

Often, we can replace the cistern, with a standard plastic cistern, however sometimes the cistern required may be specific to the toilet and can be difficult to source.

We don’t want to be providing half a service, so always try to be upfront with our clients and do our best to discuss options as we go along.

Toilet Suite Replacements

Depending on the requirements and budget, if a cistern is beyond repairing or replacing, our team can provide a quote on replacing the toilet suite all together.

There are so many types of toilet suites on the market to choose from, so chat to our team about your requirements and what is available today.

Quotes Available

We are able to provide a quote to supply and install toilet suites.

One of friendly plumbers can be booked in to discuss your requirements and to check the positioning of the existing toilet suite.

Quotes are sent through via email and are posted for those without access to emails.

Servicing Australind, Bunbury, Dalyellup, Eaton, Brunswick, Harvey and surrounding areas.

- To book in a quote or to find out more, call or email us today!

Phone: 0412 287 673

Great news! We have Zip and Handypay finance options as a form of payment.

To find out more information and how you can apply click here.

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