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Sacrificial Anode Replacements

Whether you have a gas storage hot water unit, electric storage hot water unit or a heat pump storage hot water unit, each of these hot water systems are manufactured with sacrificial anodes. These are fitted to give the hot water cylinders protection from corrosion during the warranty period.

Each anode is made from magnesium or aluminium, which are both soft metals, which attracts particles of calcium, limestone and iron, or other minerals present in the water, through electro-chemical process and corrodes in place of the tank. In other words, it “sacrifices” itself to extend the life of the water heater.

A new flexible magnesium anode next to a 5 year old anode pulled from a hot water unit in Australind

As most hot water storage cylinders are manufactured from steel, they are also enamel lined. Most manufacturers recommend that the anodes are replaced every 3 to 5 years. This is a general timeframe for how long anodes are designed to last. Areas that are considered to have hard water may require their anodes replaced more frequently.

Replacing your anodes regularly, ensures that the corrosion is minimised on your hot water cylinder, saving you money in replacing your existing hot water system, every 10 years or less.

The bottom line

Australind has some of the hardest water in the greater Bunbury region and may require a more frequent service and replacement. By undertaking regular maintenance on your storage hot water unit, i.e. replacing anodes, you can prolong the life of the cylinder and prevention of corrosion to the cylinder, saving you money!

Other hot water unit maintenance may include, replacing the valves and general check over of the unit.

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