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Water Filtration & Softening in Australind

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

It's no secret that the water around Bunbury and Australind is quite hard and distasteful. Whilst we can't change the quality of the water supply as a whole, we can provide a solution for the individual home.

We have installed many Puretec Whole House Water Softening and Filtration systems over the past few years, with the majority being in the Kingston and Treendale area. Our clients have shared amazing improvements on the quality of the water entering their home. This includes much better tasting water, healthier skin & hair, cleaner & longer lasting fixtures and spot free shower screens & tapware.

After 12 months of having the Puretec Whole House Water Softener and Water Filter systems installed, we can return to check the softener is running ok and to replace the filter cartridges.

You don't truly notice how bad the water is until you compare the new filters to the used.

These filters were removed from an Australind home within 12 months of being installed.

RMC Plumbing Services can test the hardness of the water and offer free quotes for these installations.

To book in one of our experienced plumbers, visit our website, message us through our Facebook page, or give our office a call to book them in!

Phone: 0412 287 673

Great news! We have payment plan options!

Zip Pay : Up to $1000

Zip Money : From $1000 up to $5,000

Handy Pay : From $2,001 up to $75,000

To find out more information and how you can apply click here.

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