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Don't Risk Dodgy Plumbing!

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

If we had a dollar for each person who said to us, “I tried to fix this myself” or “I got a mate to fix that” – “but it’s still not fixed”, we would be RICH!

Only a plumber who holds a licence issued by the Plumbers Licensing Board can legally carry out water supply, sanitary and drainage plumbing work in Western Australia.

Having a licensed plumber reduces risks to public health, safety and the environment by ensuring they are competent and sufficiently qualified to do plumbing work that complies with plumbing regulations and standards.

Using a licensed plumber minimizes:

  • risk of contamination to our drinking water;

  • likelihood of water borne diseases;

  • possibility of serious injury;

  • leakage of wastewater or sewage into the ground; and

  • number of uncontrolled discharges into the environment.

If you are unsure if all the plumbing in your home is compliant, RMC Plumbing Services can provide a plumbing report for your property.

This report includes inspections of:

  • Hot Water Service

  • Gas Service

  • Wet areas (including fixtures)

  • Kitchen (including fixtures)

  • Guttering and Downpipes

  • All other areas where water runs through

  • Any Upcoming Maintenance

What is a Plumbing Report used for?

A homeowner or potential buyer of a home can request a plumbing report for:

  • Leak inspections

  • Compliance report

If you would like more information regarding a plumbing report for your potential new home call RMC Plumbing Services today!

Ph: 0412 287 673

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