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Is your toilet costing you money??

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

A lot of home owners do not know much about their toilets, as to how they work and how much water they use.

In the last 20 years the toilets have changed from a 6 litre main flush to a more modern 4.5 litre main flush. The older 6 litre flush toilets were designed to discharge 6 litres of water around the flushing rim to ensure all contents in the toilet bowl are flushed down the sewer.

The 4.5 litre flush toilets have a unique flushing rim and designed to ensure that all contents in the toilet bowl are flushed away using 1.5 litres less water. Very smart design. So if you have a toilet cistern and toilet bowl that is older than 15 years old you are using more water than you need.

RMC Plumbing Services are able to supply and install new toilet suites to save you money and to keep your WC looking modern and fresh.

If the home owner decides to purchase their own toilet suite there is something they must know!

  1. Any toilet suite that is purchased must have a watermark stamped on product by a red W

  2. Be sure the toilet suite is suitable for where the soil pipe is, i.e. in floor (S trap) or through wall (P trap). Also how far off the back wall the pan outlet is to connect to floor drain.

  3. Also how much the home owner wants to spend for a toilet suite. RMC Plumbing Services can supply a competitively priced unit.

Call RMC Plumbing Services on 0412 287 673 for an obligation free quote.

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